We have the Greatest Job in the World

Behind every successful program a nonprofit does, there's a fundraiser. Behind every political campaign, there's a fundraiser. Behind new buildings and programs and scholarships and endowments, there's a fundraiser. Behind every donor, there's a fundraiser. And fundraisers make it all about the donors. How awesome is that?  What other profession gets to see dreams come … Continue reading We have the Greatest Job in the World

At Home in the Annual Fund

C'mon, sing with me now, "Our house.  In the middle of the street.  Our house . . . "  Or we could have gone with, "Our house is a very, very, very fine house . . . "  This is a multi-sensory blog; great info and musical ear-worms.  You're welcome. If you don't know Helen … Continue reading At Home in the Annual Fund

Donor-Centered or Data-Driven

Google "Fundraising Buzzwords" or "Nonprofit Buzzwords" and you'll get a whole list of the phrases we like to kick around the industry.  Fortunately, "Donor-Centered" is one that's stuck around for quite some time. Data-Driven seems to be losing some of its popularity.  "Big Data" is taking on different connotations (really, Big Data refers to databases … Continue reading Donor-Centered or Data-Driven


Did you take some downtime this holiday season?  Rest is good.  R&R is required. It's good to get away, think about other things, give the gray matter time to chill and rejuvenate. If you didn't - do.  It's worth it.  You'll be better for it. And so will your donors. We talk about resting lists … Continue reading Rest