The Things That Came Before

Sometimes, to make truly lasting, important, substantive change we have to honor what came before.

We weren’t there for the little decisions, the tough choices, the concessions that had to be made that led to the status being quo.

We might’ve missed the thousand-and-one paper cuts, putting a band-aid on this one and that one to stop a slow bleed.

It’s very easy to live in the Land of Should.  To point a waggling finger and rail against What Came Before.

Angry Man, Point, Finger, India, Angry, Male, Hand

We all want to be the grand hero, the savior – it plays well in the movies.

Everyone wants to be Mr. Roberts or Jerry Maguire.

Taking a bull-whip to the money changers IS always an option.

But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It wasn’t sacked in a weekend strategic planning retreat either.


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