Every F***ing* Thing Works

They do.  All of them. Every Fundraising Thing Works   There's a lot of great advice out there about fundraising - countless blogs, webinars, articles, white papers.  And they all have very, very good guidance and examples of a program that worked.  And they leave a lot of front line fundraisers thinking, "I should REALLY … Continue reading Every F***ing* Thing Works

What I Learned at #AFPFC 2017

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), of which I am a member and President of the Las Vegas chapter, hosted its annual International Conference on Fundraising this week in San Francisco.  It was a long and powerful three days, full of inspiration, great insight and comparing notes with some of the smartest, finest people in … Continue reading What I Learned at #AFPFC 2017

Fundraising or Money-Raising?

Clerk:  Your total is $blahblahblah, would you like to add a dollar to support children puppies hungry old homeless high-school band? Me:  Uhhh, no, not today. Clerk: Yeah, cheers, thanks, thanks a lot.  *sigh* I know these kinds of programs raise a lot of critically-needed money for a lot of great organizations - and the … Continue reading Fundraising or Money-Raising?

Rant on Retention

I like to think that professionals in all fields get together and rant and complain about their profession.  I have to believe that there are forums for pipe fitters and physician's assistants and marketers to get together and go, "They're hiring people with no experience as experts! Nobody takes the profession seriously!  These CEOs think … Continue reading Rant on Retention

Why Data Like a Lab – It Just Wants to Make You Happy

We had to take a tough break from blogging for a little while.  We lost one of the Buck-White Boys on February 15.  The original Buck-White Boy, the lab by which all others will be measured and the Dog That Started It All.  Tucker. Tucker was the best.  He was the best part of a … Continue reading Why Data Like a Lab – It Just Wants to Make You Happy

Why Data Is Like a Lab – Needs Love & Attention

Happy Valentine's Day!  Have you seen this labr-adorable gem kicking around the interwebs?Just too sweet for words, right? And anybody who's ever raised a Labrador puppy knows that was a split second of cute amidst a fury of scrambling, petting, biting, jumping and many other gerunds as well. Last time we talked about data needing … Continue reading Why Data Is Like a Lab – Needs Love & Attention

Facebook Live

We'll come back to the discussion about Why Data is Like a Labrador Retriever after this brief digression. Facebook Live.  Anybody using it in Fundraising?  Annual Fund? John Haydon is one of those fundraising/digital marketing gurus who should be on your go-to list.  He's got some great pointers for using it on a blog over … Continue reading Facebook Live

Why Data Is Like a Lab – Rules & Structure

How are Fundraising Databases Like a Labrador Retriever?  Reason #1 - They need Rules, Structure and Consistency This is Barclay at eight weeks old: That was a tough year . . . Dogs, especially new puppies, need rules, structure and boundaries.  And everybody in the "pack" needs to follow the same rules, otherwise you get … Continue reading Why Data Is Like a Lab – Rules & Structure

Why (Fundraising) Data Is Like a Labrador Retriever

These are Labrador Retrievers: To be specific, these are MY Labrador Retrievers - left-to-right:  Oliver, Barclay and Tucker Buck-White, aka The Buck-White Boys. Labrador Retrievers - or labs - have been the most popular dog in the United States for twenty-five years.  They're great, great dogs - especially these three knuckleheads. Bred to work in … Continue reading Why (Fundraising) Data Is Like a Labrador Retriever

We have the Greatest Job in the World

Behind every successful program a nonprofit does, there's a fundraiser. Behind every political campaign, there's a fundraiser. Behind new buildings and programs and scholarships and endowments, there's a fundraiser. Behind every donor, there's a fundraiser. And fundraisers make it all about the donors. How awesome is that?  What other profession gets to see dreams come … Continue reading We have the Greatest Job in the World