2016 Election Fundraising Results

Yes, exactly what you needed right now was one more article/post/blog/reference to the election.  We're all sick of it. I don't care if You're With Her or you want to Make the Country Great Again, as fundraisers - as annual fund-type folks - we have to pay attention to something very critical, here. Go visit … Continue reading 2016 Election Fundraising Results

What’s in a (Fundraising) Name?

I read a lot about fundraising.  Too much, maybe.  But I'm fascinated by what my colleagues and other fundraisers are doing, what best practices are and what's new and innovative in the field.  There's not a week that goes by that I don't steal something I've read or heard about it and put it into … Continue reading What’s in a (Fundraising) Name?

How to make (Fundraising) Data Fun

I was inspired this week by a colleague, a very talented and smart fundraiser, who was talking about some of the challeng . . . er, opportunities . . . we're both facing and she says, "How do I make data fun?  How do I get my data person to get INTO it and really WANT to … Continue reading How to make (Fundraising) Data Fun

People are People

Fifty years since this seminal book on the art and science of fundraising was published and we're still having the same conversation. It was, is, and always will be about people. "But what about corporate and foundation giving?"  People run those programs. And what do people need?  According to Maslow, after food, air, water, shelter, … Continue reading People are People

The Problem With Recurring Giving

A family I know is going through that terrible process of having to put their mother into assisted care.  She has Alzheimer's and it's so sad.  This is a woman who had a heart as big as all outdoors, gave to everyone she met and had an infectious laugh that lifted the whole room.  And … Continue reading The Problem With Recurring Giving

Why Candace, the Chewbacca Mask woman, is the best fundraiser in the world

A week or so ago I posted the blog below - Candace Payne, "Chewbacca Mom," the best fundraiser in the world.  Now watch this: https://www.facebook.com/candaceSpayne/videos/vb.1245618915/10209693622437749/?type=2&theater "It is not lost on me that it is because of you guys.  I love you." She is NAILING this thing!  She just pours joy and gratitude into each post … Continue reading Why Candace, the Chewbacca Mask woman, is the best fundraiser in the world

Philanthropic Culture in the Annual Fund

Building A Culture of Philanthropy! Does Your Organization Have a Culture of Philanthropy?  What's Your Philanthropic Culture?  GET YOUR BOARD ON BOARD! I dunno, sometimes I think the only culture I get is from yogurt. Ba dum bum. *cymbal* Discussing the development of a culture of philanthropy is absolutely the right thing to do.  Working … Continue reading Philanthropic Culture in the Annual Fund

That’s Not a Major Gift

At least five times over the last week or so I've heard the statement, "$x level is NOT a major gift; don't waste your time on those" or "Those low-level donors aren't giving major gifts.  They're nice gifts, sure, but they're not major gifts." Let me tell you about Jane.  I adore Jane.  She was … Continue reading That’s Not a Major Gift

The Annual Fund Isn’t Annual II

In the last post, I said that the Annual Fund isn't annual.  Indeed, that's the crux of this whole blog - thinking about the annual fund differently. "Well, but the blog is named 'Annual Fund' and that's what everyone calls it - the Annual Fund." True statement.  We don't have a better name yet - … Continue reading The Annual Fund Isn’t Annual II

The Annual Fund Isn’t Annual

Nor is it a Fund, but more on that later . . . annual adjective an·nu·al \ˈan-yə(-wə)l, -yü-əl\ Simple Definition of annual : happening once a year : covering the period of a year of a plant : living for only one year or season : having a life cycle that is one year or … Continue reading The Annual Fund Isn’t Annual